Arighi Bianchi

Founded in ---, Arighi Bianchi is one of the UK’s most successful home furniture outlets with a huge warehouse and factory in Manchester. Arighi is contributing to decorate thousands of homes with style, comfort, and elegance.

How Softoo relaunched the Arighi Bianchi store on Shopify?

What Arighi Bianchi says about us:
Softoo has provided us a complete solution—the support, vision, technical resources, communication, and project management. If it would not be the immense support and top-notch skills of Softoo, Arighi would not be able to relaunch its e-store with such a success and quick turnaround time. `

Industry : Furniture Country: UK

Challenge: Migration of the Store to Shopify Plus and Relaunch

With the massive growth and a huge customer base, Arighi realized that their current platform has certain limitations affecting the scaling of the business and customer experience.
The biggest challenge was the lack of control as they were unable to implement desired customer-centric functionalities and features.
Consistent sharing of data with all related stakeholders to improve the buying experience was another challenge. This was also resulting in delays in intra-business operations.
Arighi realized they also need a solution to sync their outlet, online store, and warehouse to enhance customer experience and effective business decisions.

The Solution

Softoo e-commerce solutions and technical resources were what Arighi was looking for.
To convert the store from the legacy platform to Shopify Liquid, we performed requirement analysis and came up with a migration strategy.
To improve user experience, Softoo UI team did a comprehensive UI audit. The audit identified problematic areas on the website and gave valuable insights for future developments.
Arighi Bianchi wanted the existing theme and design for the new store so that the user may not feel any change or difficulty while shopping from the store. To develop the theme from the scratch in Shopify Liquid, Softoo had expert UI/UX designers and developers on the board. After the theme development, we set up the Shopify store.


Softoo helped Arighi to achieve what they were looking for, customer-centric functionality, and more control over the platform. Now with a new chapter in their business history, Arighi can serve its customers without being restricted by the platform.
After making successful migration to the Shopify store, Arighi is providing services with the excellent customer experience and consistent sharing of information because of the synchronization of the warehouse and the store.
Arighi is looking forward to a fast and flexible business and Softoo is the part of this journey with all our technical and business wings. Arighi knows that they have found the right partner for their technical needs.

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