AWS Managed Services

is an aid program to boost start-ups capacity to implement their innovative ideas by providing end to end cloud infrastructure services.

What You Get?
  • 1

    Credits for AWS Cloud (AWS activate Program)

  • 2

    Dev-op services directly from global AWS certified experts. Managing and getting right cloud infrastructure burden is gone now, let the experts handle for you. (Genese: AWS Premier training partner)

  • 3

    Direct management for availing AWS financial aid and dispensation of services (Softoo: Genese regional partner)

What You Need To Do?
  • 1

    Provide us information about your start-up, business and product / Service you are considering for AWS. This information will be used for calculating your eligibility criteria. Form link: (https://forms.gle/QJFEjktzD49VTdNB8)

  • 2

    Meeting (online) with Softoo Representatives and send signed contract.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1
    I already have AWS account. Do I need to create new one?

    No, your existing Account will be transferred and used.

  • 2
    How much I need to pay to avail this service?

    All your bills be covered through approved aid. You don’t need to pay any amount.

  • 3
    Do I need to pay after 2 years?

    You will pay for the services you use after 2 years.

  • 4
    What will be the costs I need to pay if I want to discontinue this program?

    Your aid program is for two years. Your aid credits will be deducted.

    Still you will not liable to pay something.

  • 5
    What are managed services and what is covered in managed services?

    Cloud assessment

    Architecting of solution

    Implementing of solution

    Cloud migration