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Chatbot Solutions

Chat has existed as a medium from the time computers have been into existence and have become one of the important means of communication in the last decades. Current developments in the industry are facilitating chatbots at a large scale. Chatbot is a computer program or app that processes natural language input from the user and generate relative and smart responses which are sent back to the user. Chatbot solutions were originally coined in late 1990s and with the advancements in voice technologies; companies are now able to build chatbots that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents. These advance voice-based systems can easily handle the complex procedures of converting speech into text from any computer application they work with.

Today chatbots are used not only for entertainment purposes but for delivering useful information such as stock information, intelligent personal assistants, voice-powered home assistants, AI chatbots and chatbot apps.

Softoo Offers Best Chatbot Solutions and Development Services

With the recent rise of chatbots, researchers have predicted that about one-third of the total customer support queries will require some kind of human intervention while the remaining two-third will be handled by AI systems.

Softoo is a top technology company that pushes the development of AI chatbots to leverage the power of cheap computation to solve hard problems. We build robust chatbot solutions with the help of advance machine learning algorithms that can be deployed in a production environment where the experience of real users can be enhanced by using these services. Here are few advantages of Chatbot solutions we provide:

  • Data driven rich messaging elements to create an unparalleled user experience.
  • Short and precise code with focus on quality
  • Make use of the rich elements such as images, carousals and videos
  • Can fetch data from numerous data sources such as databases, APIs and so on
  • AI powered chatbots for smart decisions

Chatbot Solutions and Development Services

At Softoo, we provide these services with the help of experienced developers

AI Powered Chatbot App Development

AI and ML powered chatbots apps can help you stay in touch with your customer/client and provide your business an opportunity to engage with the users easily. Softoo provides AI powered chatbots apps for different business verticals with solid integration that can provide alot of value to end user.

Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots work well in customer support and service center. At Softoo, we provide web and mobile app chatbot solutions for customer service which can enhance your relationship with customers and let you make smart decisions with the help of advance analytics. Chatbots for customer service are best to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) and stay ahead in the competition.

Ecommerce Chatbots

With the help of Ecommerce chatbots, your business can easily perform product search and customer support. Softoo provides automated customer support for Ecommerce, integrated ticketing system, advance cross selling features with analytics and customer buying pattern, product suggestions and many more features in Ecommerce domain which can help leverage your business.

Gain insights, extract patterns, gain actionable information on trends and increase the engagement of your business with the help of chatbot development and chatbot solutions

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