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E-Learning Solutions and Services

E-Learning Solutions is the brave new frontier of education offering new challenges to students, teachers and the whole education system. From self-directed learning tools and apps to Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), the concepts associated with teaching, training and learning have evolved. A UK based survey has called the growth in eLearning rapid where educational institutions compete for a share of the increased and changing demand for higher education. At Softoo, our experts provide you with the best LMS software and eLearning portals to keep you ahead of your competitors. These custom E-Learning solutions foster, deliver and facilitate learning, anywhere and anytime.

Custom E-Learning Solutions and Services Development by Softoo

Our talented team of web and app developers can help you in re-invention of your educational organization by following the ‘Four C’s for Success’ i.e.Culture, Champions, Communications and Change. These elements are clarified in order to assure the success of eLearning portals and apps: an open learning culture, strong support system of the project, successful communication between all stakeholders and an effective change process which integrates these factors of success into further development of the organization. We present innovative solutions for SMEs and enterprises particularly based on Web 2.0 technologies to make better use of the available resources.

E-Learning Services

At Softoo, we provide advance eLearning and education solutions for effective communication, interactive learning and personalized content. Our e-Learning solutions are based on latest technologies like block chain, IoT, AI and AR/VR. We provide following services

Learning Management Systems

Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) are built on advanced features which include virtual chats, student management and tracking, consistent look and feel, flexible interface and structured delivery of information.

Training and eLearning Apps

Student communication through mobile phone is no more a hassle with the help of training apps. We provide you best eLearning and training apps with easy customization features which can enhance the learning experiences of students.

University Management ERP System

We provide custom web based University Management ERP system for centralized resource management. Our cloud based software is designed to target small or large university or college management system. The main features include online library, course management, student management, discussion boards and virtual classrooms.

Web Based Training Portals

Today web based training portals have become a readily available resource that provides special functionalities for content dissemination, student evaluation and administration, to ensure effective delivery of education. These web-based training portal range from simple systems like managing lectures to complex functionalities like content authoring, course building, online examination and student evaluation. Our experienced web based developers have years of expertise in developing custom web based training portals.

E-Learning Solutions and Services

At Softoo, we aim to develop user centric, customized, ubiquitous and content rich learning environments which can reduce the work load and enhance educational quality of your institute. With our innovative e-Learning solutions, you can stay ahead in competition and reduce your cost along with improved personal communication. These authenticated and secure solutions can help you in advanced decision making and improve your Return on Investment (ROI).

If you are looking for E-Learning solutions for your business, we can provide scalable and bespoke solutions for all verticals

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