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E-commerce Solutions Expert

We build your e-commerce business from scratch and manage your development resources meanwhile you scale up your business.

What if we hire, manage and scrutinize resources for building your e-commerce business and you get a functional solution pouring sales? Sounds a great idea?

Bring your business online leveraging E-commerce Solutions:

E-commerce is experiencing a constant rise, the positive side is that growth is phenomenal and the flip side is that your customers are much aware now and the competition is sky-high. From the moment, they get introduced to you to closing sales, every step is crucial. Finding resources that are equally good with technological solutions and business understanding is a daunting task. They are a rare breed. With a chance, if you find them, they are costly. This is where exactly companies like Softoo come into the picture.

Softoo has a pool of e-commerce experts and business analysts with ample industrial experience and successful projects to establish your business online. From bringing out your brand name to connecting to your audience and streamlining daily operations, we find, scrutinize and manage the resources for every step of your project.

Bring your business online leveraging E-commerce Solutions:

Scale-up your business using customized solutions

Either you are about to start your e-commerce store or you have a growing brand, Softoo has got you covered. Scale-up your business and reduce the cost by leveraging cost-effective technologies and end-to-end e-commerce suite. Retain your customer base by offering them rich and smooth shopping experience using tools and technologies such as WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, funnels and unlimited shopping methods.

Fast Track Project Initiation

Feel a little need for speed when it comes to a particular IT-related project that you have pending? Softoo’s fast track project initiation process assures quality at fast pace.

Research-Oriented Project Delivery

We understand the contemporary IT market like the palm of our hand. Our work exudes deep understanding of the client’s requirements and the trends in the target market.

Timely & Quality Delivery

Our quality assurance team at Softoo makes sure that not only you get your projects delivered in a timely fashion, but there are no compromises on quality too.

SCRUM Based Development

We are deep-rooted in the best industry practices that made Softoo into an agility based work environment. At Softoo we adhere to SCRUM based development framework.

Post-Delivery Support Services

Unlike other resource augmentation companies, we firmly believe in post-delivery connection and support. Our practical and value-added support see to seamless functioning of the solutions that you enjoy via Fixed Term Engagement model.

Maximized Value for Money

For the Fixed Term Engagement model, our guarantee is that you’d enjoy maximum value for your money. We know our market and our pricing is based on our deep understanding of the market.

When it comes to IT resource augmentation no company can be better than a company that heavily relies on technology!


Multi-phase Screening

Hands-on Testing & Supervising

Contract-based resource management

subject to law of the land

We use wide array of technological tools

and software to complete your projects

Diversification of IT resources and technologies

technologies allow us to take on difficult projects