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ERP Solutions and ERP Software

ERP solutions have been seen as important instrument for improving business processes in accounting, manufacturing, purchasing and distribution. Successful ERP implementation involves analysis of current business processes and the services they provide, through handling through predesigned software and internal control activities necessary to to keep the systems functioning at all times. Main target of ERP solutions is the integration of lower and senior management functions, keeping in mind complex business processes.

Custom ERP Solutions and Software by Softoo

At Softoo, we provide custom ERP solutions having all these facilities which can leverage your business and increase ROI
  • General accounting and cost accounting
  • Efficiency and Return on Investment
  • Human resource management
  • Inventory control and warehousing
  • Quality assurance
  • Production planning and control
  • Supply chain management
  • Business partners interaction
  • Vendor selection and purchasing
  • Sales targets, quotas and sales order management
  • Customer information
  • Top management reporting and analysis

ERP Apps

At Softoo, we provide ERP apps that are scalable, secure and feature packed to provide the best mobile friendly experience. If you want to migrate your web based ERP system to an app or other ERP platform, our ERP developers are ready to do so. Our advanced analytical solutions can provide timely, cost effective and productive approach to your organization. We provide properly designed business architecture solutions and best implementation methodology that are most crucial for a successful application

ERP Solutions for Mobile

Our ERP apps assist in experimenting with goals and ways to attain them, prior to setting them within the organization. We focus on complementing the technical details and increasing its clarity for employees. Our ERP apps provide benchmarks against which the product reviews can be measured.

Custom ERP Apps

We also provide proper documentation of system requirements through conceptual modeling and a framework that makes system logic better understandable to specialists and end-users
Our custom ERP apps assist in explaining how and where ERP functionality fits into a company’s business cycle and in defining the benefits the organization gets from its implementation.

Expert ERP Solutions

Softoo provides custom ERP solutions for medium and large scale industries which can let you stay ahead in competition and get the best results at minimal cost.
CRM Apps and Solutions

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management solutions that can be implemented within an ERP system. These systems help in cutting company costs and can provide you an edge over your competitors. A CRM integrated system makes it feasible to identify issues leading to potential conflict and ensure that backup plans are in place. At Softoo, we provide advanced CRM solutions that are integrated with latest technologies like AI, AR/VR and IoT. Our systems include chatbots which can increase the efficiency, provide maximum exposure, gain better relations with customers and improve customer relations with the company/enterprises.

B2B and B2C Software Development

At Softoo, we provide secure, cloud based B2B and B2C solutions which ensure that ERP systems can contribute to problem solving, permit company’s executives to see complex interrelationships and work for effective day to day operations. We also provide advanced technologies that can create great opportunities and foresee consequences with the help of our software solutions. Be it a small company or an enterprise, we have got you covered with custom ERP solutions that provide you an edge over your competitors. We integrate lower and senior management functions, keeping in mind complex business processes which can help reduce your manual effort and time.

If you are looking for ERP solutions for your business, we can provide scalable and bespoke solutions for all verticals

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