Extended Teams: Hire Your Offshore Teams Without Having to Hire Them

Softoo Extended Teams model is for those who have to open offshore offices and find new human resources, but who do not want to have to go through that.

What to do when you have to hire the extended teams.

Softoo has a big resource pool consisting of our team, our connections and our links in academia as well as our industry linkages. Why our extended team hiring process is much better than others? It is because we pick the best type of people for your project, make them go through exhaustive tests based on our knowledge base and pick only those who outshine and outdeliver when compared with others.

What is Extended Teams Model?

Having an extended team is like being able to look into the future, because this is what the future of work looks like. Only for you it is like enjoying the future, before future exists and this is what Softoo Extended Teams model helps you with. With our unparalleled industry savvy and experience, we help you create offshore and virtual teams at a fraction of the price that you will pay for a proper in-house team. All of this with no compromise on quality!

Unlimited Scalability for Your Business Growth

Every business has two core concerns: increased sales and reduced churn. Our Extended Teams module helps you reduce the churn with unlimited scalability.

Reduced Costs & Curve

The Extended Teams module kills two birds with one stone. You cut your learning curve by letting us pick the best people for the job and you get them at a price far lesser than what you pay for in-house teams.

Professional Assistance

Not only we help you create extended teams overnight, but those teams perform so well, because they enjoy our professional assistance. We monitor the performance as per our high standards and they have uninterrupted access to our knowledge base.

SCRUM Based Development

We are deep-rooted in the best industry practices that made Softoo into an agility based work environment. At Softoo we adhere to SCRUM based development framework.

Communication & Transparency

We love to keep things between us and our clients crystal clear. Through periodical online meetings and communication between us and their extended teams, we ensure timely and flawless deliveries.

Reports & Milestones

Even though you are too far from your extended teams, we enable you to stay in touch with the progress via periodical reports. Through milestone and constant check & balance, we make sure that your extended team delivers the projects before due date.

Our Process

All you have to do is pay for the kind of project you want to be delivered. From then onwards, everything would be on our shoulders. From finding the best resources to getting the job done to getting quality assurance to delivering it before the deadline!

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    Contract-based resource management

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    We use wide array of technological tools

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    Diversification of IT resources and technologies

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