Fixed Term Resource Augmentation: Tailored for Your Unique Needs

Our Fixed Term Engagement service model puts you in charge of how you want resource augmentation to be done. Define the term, define the budget and get your project delivered in a timely fashion.

What to do if you need resources for a temporary project?

When you have a tight budget, a deadline zeroing in on you and you have an IT-related project that must be delivered in a professional and timely fashion? Well, Softoo Fixed Term Engagement model is made for you. We scope out your project for optimal technical and business results: and that too on a highly competitive budget. If you ever wished that you had Aladdin’s lamp that you could rub and get things done, do know that as far as IT-related resource augmentation is concerned, our Fixed Term model is Aladdin’s lamp.

What is Fixed Term Engagement Model?

It is for those who think that basic resource augmentation model is not good enough for them. It is for those perfectionists who want to reduce the churn and maximize the gains by letting professionals handle stuff they cannot handle on their own. You go for Fixed Term Engagement model when you want to get finished project within a particular deadline. It is a click-and-forget kind of deal; you give us the basic requirements, and we ensure speedy and high-quality delivery of the project.

Fast Track Project Initiation

Feel a little need for speed when it comes to a particular IT-related project that you have pending? Softoo fast track project initiation process assures quality at fast pace.

Research-Oriented Project Delivery

We understand the contemporary IT market like the palm of our hand. Our work exudes deep understanding of the client’s requirements and the trends in the target market.

Timely & Quality Delivery

Our quality assurance team at Softoo makes sure that not only you get your projects delivered in a timely fashion, but there are no compromises on quality too.

SCRUM Based Development

We are deep-rooted in the best industry practices that made Softoo into an agility based work environment. At Softoo we adhere to SCRUM based development framework.

Post-Delivery Support Services

Unlike other resource augmentation companies, we firmly believe in post-delivery connection and support. Our practical and value-added support see to seamless functioning of the solutions that you enjoy via Fixed Term Engagement model.

Maximized Value for Money

For the Fixed Term Engagement model, our guarantee is that you’d enjoy maximum value for your money. We know our market and our pricing is based on our deep understanding of the market.

When it comes to IT resource augmentation no company can be better than a company that heavily relies on technology!


Multi-phase Screening

Hands-on Testing & Supervising

Contract-based resource management

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We use wide array of technological tools

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Diversification of IT resources and technologies

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