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Quality featured apps that enhance patient’s health status

Data based decisions for better health approaches

Softoo can guarantee to evolve your business as compared to your competitors

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare solutions accelerate capabilities of computers in storing and managing data and increasing ability to capture knowledge in digital format. E-healthcare are goods or services provided by professionals or organizations to consumers/patients with the help of internet or other telecommunication devices. This includes various delivery mechanisms such as online pharmacies, electronic home monitoring, medical devices, online diagnostic services and web based distribution of pharmaceuticals. Many companies are moving from traditional physical operations to electronic business due to access to new channels and low operating costs. With these innovative healthcare solutions, we can guarantee that your business will evolve as compared to your competitors.

Advanced e-Healthcare Solutions by Softoo

At Softoo, we are specialized in developing advanced end-to-end e-healthcare solutions for web, mobile apps and wearables.
  • Quality featured apps that enhance patient’s health status
  • Effective patient and doctor communication
  • Data based decisions for better health approaches
  • Preemptive measures for elderly patients
  • Best UI design that increases operational efficiency
  • Cloud and mobility solution for hassle free healthcare
  • Cutting edge technology for fitness and wearable app development
  • Advanced functionality coping with medical regulations

E-Healthcare Solutions: Mobile and Web App Development services

With years of experience in providing cutting edge technology to our clients, we at Softoo can provide healthcare services for medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness. Our competitive team of healthcare solution developers can provide major healthcare services keeping low cost and user friendliness in mind. From fitness apps to online patient management system, our web and mobile app development services are coated with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and Machine Learning which can make your healthcare products or apps reliable, remarkable and sustainable. We provide healthcare management services in these areas

Wearable App Development

  • Connect healthcare apps with wearable devices
  • Advanced UX patterns for smooth navigation
  • Dynamic UI crafted with minimalist features
  • Increased efficiency with effective doctor and patient engagement

Blockchain in Healthcare

  • Efficient exchange of health data
  • Ensuring integrity of patient data and medical records
  • Security of patient data
  • High operational efficiency

Healthcare Management Solutions in VR and AR

  • Latest technologies in VR solutions like Oculus Go and Rift
  • Alleviating patient anxiety before and after complex surgical operations using VR platforms
  • Remote surgery with the help of AR
  • Quality surgical care
  • Early detection and prevention of deadly diseases

Healthcare Services using AI

  • Analyze complex medical data
  • Optimizing hospital management and staff by decreasing manual workloads
  • Personalized medicine according to patient history
  • Improve patient care and satisfaction
  • Predictive analytical solutions to help healthcare professionals
  • Advance imaging and facial recognition algorithms
  • Telemedicine and tele-health solutions

Healthcare Management Using Chatbots

  • Healthcare chatbots app
  • Match patients to clinical trials easier
  • Easy patient engagement with chatbots
  • Get to the root of patient’s problem
  • Compare patient data with thousands of similar cases
  • Help find possible explanations for various symptoms

Softoo provides healthcare management services in various fields like telemedicine, pharmacies, hospital management and fitness management solutions

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