IoT Systems and Solutions

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IoT Systems and Solutions

IoT systems (Internet of Things) coined back in 1990’s and it has now become more and more popular. With time, the realization of IoT is here. Internet of Things is now identified as one of the top ten strategic technology trends by Gartner. By 2020, it is predicted that more than 50 billion devices will be connected with IoT. IoT or Internet of Things is one of the great phenomena of this century. With the help of IoT, we are on the verge of cutting edge technologies for conducting research and deployment of various systems and applications.

At Softoo, we have best IoT developers providing IoT solutions for home and building automation, electricity generation and distribution, automotive, telecommunication and information technology as well as logistics. We also provide best IoT systems for health and tech security. We combine Big Data and energy efficient solutions along with cost effective hardware and software to provide innovative and interoperable IoT sensors.

Softoo Provides Bespoke IoT Systems and Services With Clear Business Benefit

At Softoo, we provide bespoke algorithms and human machine interfaces which support ambient intelligence for IoT systems. With real time tracking and data analysis, our Internet of Things applications are able to track down major threats to your business and provide timely solutions for them too. We provide clear business benefit to you with the help of IoT applications and services.

IoT Services

As a verified AWS and Azure consulting partner, Softoo leverages the power of IoT services to deliver value added IoT apps and IoT solutions in quick and efficient manner. Our solutions use the AWS or Azure IoT platform to build industrial and enterprise level applications.
We offer following IoT services

IoT consulting

Today businesses are moving towards interconnected devices, which increase the need of IoT solutions. Softoo provides smart services and IoT consulting for connected products with the help of industry leading IoT platforms like Azure and AWS. Our IoT developers provide new business solutions driven by real time data and latest market requirements. We offer best IoT consulting services from startups to small level and enterprises.

Smart Apps

Smart apps can increase work efficiency and make intelligent decisions for your business. IoT services enable apps to interconnect and make smart decisions. At Softoo, we build bleeding edge, high quality and secure end-to-end smart apps. We combine best business intelligence solutions along with excellent data representation to increase operational efficiency of smart apps. We build scalable smart apps which utilize connected IoT devices, push notifications, data analytics and blockchain. Our experienced IoT developers provide valuable information and insights, proactive response and excellent business results for your smart apps.

Cloud Integration

With generational shifting in computing, the challenge is no longer to connect the data sources within the enterprise, but instead to connect data sources from a myriad of places, both inside and outside the enterprise. As you start to integrate more and more external services with your IoT devices, the challenges increase. Most common challenges are to identify the task, real time data communication, fast and quick response and authorization mechanism. Cloud integration in IoT refers to a secure infrastructure which allows data processing and data storage outside of IoT devices.

Softoo provides a powerful, lightweight toolset with a consistent interface to a large number of IoT devices. We provide secure integration of IoT devices and cloud computing with the help of RSA and AES algorithms. With these advanced data encryption techniques, you don’t have to worry about data security anymore.

Expert IoT Systems Development

Softoo is a global IoT systems and IoT service provider company providing innovative products across various industry verticals. Our expertise includes cost effective, secure and real time IoT applications across various platforms

If you are looking for IoT services and IoT systems for your business, we can provide scalable and bespoke solutions for all verticals

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