A Process That Makes Resource Augmentation Smooth and Swift and Easy

Resource Augmentation is nothing but a process. Care to know about our process of discovering your needs, finding the best resources and ensuring flawless delivery?
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    Starts from...

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    How We Attract Clients?

    Softoo takes pride in being a resource augmentation agency that walks the talk when it comes to applying and following agile development methodologies.

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    How We Acquire Date Crucial To Completion Of The Project?

    They say, “Mine data, find gold.” We know that getting the right kind of information, data and above all.

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    How We Find and Hire Resources?

    It all starts with the job descriptions. During our meeting without clients, we finalize the JDs to get the best resources for our client’s projects.

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    Virtual & Physical Meetings

    We are people obsessed with IT so definitely we love to opt for online business meetings.

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    Our Resource Pool

    We have been into resource augmentation business for roughly 10 years now. We do not have to find a resource from academia or our linkages in the industry.

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    Technologies We’re Fluent In

    Softoo is a software solutions company with specialization in IT resource augmentation; it is needless to say that IT-related technologies are our jam.

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    How We Find Our Resources: Job Portals & Referral

    Our HR department has a very exhaustive and organized process of finding ideal resources for Softoo clients.

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    How We Find Our Resources: Industry Linkages

    Softoo is a proud of its linkages in local and international IT industry.

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    How We Find Our Resources: Academia Linkages

    Since resource augmentation is our bread, butter and beyond, we are better than the best at finding, training and providing fresh resources.

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    What Makes Our Process Unique?

    The high-quality results that we offer to our clients arise out of our unique process, but those results are not the only factor that makes our process unique.

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    Refer Us And Enjoy Unparalleled Benefits

    Our HR department has a very exhaustive and organized process of finding ideal resources for Softoo clients.

When it comes to IT resource augmentation no company can be better than a company that heavily relies on technology!

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