Partnership | Collaboration: Your Capital and Our Tech Savvy Can Do More Than Wonders

Don’t let a beautiful idea to be smothered to death only because you do not either have IT savvy or the talented resources to make it come true. Softoo has partnered with many businesses and saved many ideas from dying.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Whether you have an amazing idea that needs some practical help or your brainchild is just a suckling, you can always expedite the progress via partnering with a company with unmatched technological prowess. Money changes hands, good things happen and dreams come true when you partner with Softoo and leave performance to those who are known for it.

What is Partnership | Collaboration Model?

Who are you? You might be a solopreneur or a company’s CEO with a brilliant business proposition in mind, However, an idea is nothing but an embryo that must be nurtured with care and experience. This is what Softoo takes care of. 10 years of experience in resource augmentation has enabled us with best practices, resources and a knowledge base that help us offer technological assistance and expertise to businesses with amazing ideas.

From Hatchling to Phoenix

An embryo, a hatchling or a suckling … howsoever you want to describe your brainchild, Softoo is willing to adopt it, nurture it and turn it into a money spitting monster.

Make Use of our Tech Savvy

Softoo is a house of codes. Our programmers and developers can lend their technical savvy to your brainchild. Innovation is our mantra and in case you want some innovative brain power to launch your next big idea, we can help you.

From Strategy to Implementation

Since we will be the brain powerhouse of our new venture, from research to strategy to implementation, you would not have to worry about anything. Your capital and our expertise – it’s a holy alliance.

SCRUM Based Development

We are deep-rooted in the best industry practices that made Softoo into an agility based work environment. At Softoo we adhere to SCRUM based development framework.

It’s Technical!

All the technical stuff that either bores you or sends shivers down your spine is basic mathematics to us. We conduct thorough market analysis, business model evaluation, user testing and all the nerdy stuff to support the venture.

Money Shakes Hands With Experience

Well, experience is not all that we have. We are passionate about IT and its different applications. We have an industry insight that we acquired after working for many businesses like yours and our tech intellect is proven and tested.

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    When it comes to IT resource augmentation no company can be better than a company that heavily relies on technology!


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    Multi-phase Screening

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    Hands-on Testing & Supervising

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    Contract-based resource management

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    We use wide array of technological tools

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    Diversification of IT resources and technologies

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