Svvish App

The Idea Behind Svvish App

Svvish is a platform for United Kingdom registered small to medium enterprises to have access to Accountancy and Taxation services through a digital first practice. This application would facilitate the users by allowing them to conveniently change their accountancy service provider, to upload transaction data and day to day correspondence through the mobile app, with extensive automation in the background extracting key financial data form the uploaded transactions with oversight from skilled and trained accounting and tax professionals. It has a mobile front end and a backend for accountants to facilitate and provide services. IOS and Android App are not live yet. The application is developed using iOS (Swift 4), Android (Kotlin), Admin Dashboard and API (.Net) and deployed on Azure (Cloud).

Core Features of Svvish

Our development and sales team made sure that the customers get value for their investment. With that in mind, we ensured the app has delightful design, intuitive dashboards, inaction triggers and incredibly easy to follow for all users. Some of the core features of the app are:

Accountancy Service Provider

The app features a intuitive dashboard with neat and clean call to action buttons. As promised, it has a simplistic table view with a counter in the middle. The app is tailor made to suit the needs and thoughts of small to medium enterprise owners or entrepreneurs. Tracking and thinking patterns are analyzed overtime to give users the best results.

Usability Promise

With most accountancy and taxation apps, you may find either difficult interface or lengthy calculation procedures which may become challenging for the user overtime. Apps tend to gather a lot of information from the users, thus creating an environment of uneasiness. With Svvish App, we can confidently claim that users can extract a value out of this by spending least time.

Accounting and Taxation Made Easy

Taxation is an important feature of Svvish App. Users can enter their daily transactions like sales, purchase, tax amount, ongoing expenses etc. This helps the app to build a more insightful perspective about the financial situation of a company over time.

Easily Exportable Accountancy and Audit Reports

Exportable reports is yet another useful feature of Svvish App. This allows the users to export the data in the form of appealing graphics and presentable way. We believe this feature gives the power to users to enhance day to day correspondence and easily manage their financial reports.

Secure and Reliable Features

This feature adds value to Svvish App. As cyber crimes are on the rise, we have ensured that the app goes through standard security procedures before deploying it for the enterprises. Our experienced team of developers ensured that there are no vulnerabilities left.

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