Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Things service model puts you in charge of how you want resource augmentation to be done. Define the term, define the budget and get your project delivered in a timely fashion.

Pretty Little Thing (PLT) is a UK based fashion store

Pretty Little Thing (PLT) is a UK based fashion store which host all of their services on AWS platform. The company initially setup their online presence with a Magento based solution. As the work load increased with millions of request per day, they had to scale vertically by increasing the system resources. The development team at PLT quickly realized that monolithic application which tries to handle all business use cases is not scalable at all.

Micro service-based design

This prompted a microservice-based design, in order to achieve this PLT started moving all business-facing applications to microservices. with the domains defined several key services where developed, these were PHP based running on EC2 instances and used Serverless computing services provided by AWS such as databases (Amazon Document DB) and queues (SNS/SQS) services.

AWS Lamda

In the initial implementations the data domain separation wasn't attempted, In order to do so PLT started implementing AWS Lambda's in JavaScript (NodeJS runtime) with DynamoDB with database. With services running on both PHP+EC2 and Lambda + serverless, it was easy to see that serverless computing services out performed VPS. After establishing this observation PLT started migration all of their micro services to serverless platform. This improved there availability and scalability, this also made the overall design most disaster/fault tolerant.

Serverless Microservices

By implementing proper CI/CD PLT was able to quickly move from a giant monolithic application to a set of serverless micro services. This also improved code and application management, as each service was assigned a team of developers. AWS provided training sessions for the PLT developers to improve knowledge base for various AWS services that can be used to solve various design issues. Over all AWS platform proved to be an excellent choice for implementing an online mega store.

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SCRUM Based Development

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Post-Delivery Support Services

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Maximized Value for Money

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