How Softoo Provided the right IT resources to PLT and helped them to save cost and time?
“If you are looking for off-shore technical resources that are high performers and easy to work and communicate, I can’t recommend Softoo enough.”


United Kingdom


Fashion, eCommerce, Retail

Partnership Period

2 Years

Team size


About the Client

Pretty Little Thing is a UK-based enterprise serving ladies of age 16-35 by selling fashionable and trendy clothes, footwear, accessories, and beauty products online since 2009.PLT started its journey as an accessory brand with limited products and today it is operating as in the USA, France, Canada, the Middle East, and Ireland.


Finding high performing reliable off-shore resources quickly

Being an enterprise operating internationally, PLT keeps improving and updating its system by adding new features and addressing all the related concerns and challenges.
In 2018, PLT realized that they needed to add new off-shore developers to their teams to reduce cost and save time.
They needed experienced and trained developers with skills such as serverless cloud and hybrid mobile application development. PLT was looking to expand teams with experienced resources who were fluent in communication and easy to work with
For this, they needed a reliable resource augmentation partner so they reached out to Softoo.
finding developers who were well-versed with a serverless cloud environment, unit testing, and AWS was a challenge. But this was the tip of the ice burg. The real challenge was to find the experienced and top-notch technical resources who were equally good in:

• Communication
• Working in teams
• Coding Practices and professional ethics
• Adopting culture, values, and norms of the company
• Self-learners and easy-going

On the top of that, PLT wanted to hire resources as soon as possible to expand their technical teams.
“ We were looking for resources that can get work done without compromising quality and can adopt our processes, culture and practices quickly. We wanted to extend our teams as soon as possible and yes, we wanted to have a long working relationship with
off-shore resources.”


Hiring and retaining off-shore resourcess

Softoo has been helping giant e-commerce businesses to provide off-shore resources for many years. Softoo brought that experience to find the right team members for PLT by using extensive hiring processes.

First, the technical experts of Softoo understood the technical requirements of PLT and  developed specific job descriptions for every designation.
Next, Softoo spread the word using multi-channel approach for resource engagement. LinkedIn, Rozee and other recruitment portals are a few channels that we used to find the best technical resources from the market. To speed up the hiring process, we also used off-line channels for
advertising job openings like HR firms.

Softoo received tens of CVs for different job positions. Our technical experts initially analyzed CVs to shortlist the candidates matching the criteria.
Using internal standardized processes, we conducted different tests and assignments to analyze technical and analytical skills of the candidates for shortlisting.

We conducted interviews of shortlisted candidates and selected a few candidates for the final interview with the client. At the end, PLT team interviewed our finalized candidates for the hiring.

We ensured that the resources we hired are top talents of the market, high performers, motivated, and have fluent communication skills. They can communicate in the English language without any difficulty.

Our hired resources have hands-on experience in different projects, industries, development technologies and methodologies like Scrum and agile. Softoo is using standardized processes and KPIs to measure the performance and productivity of off-shore resources.
“We shared with Softoo what we exactly want and they came up with the right developers for the interview. Softoo’s team is easily accessible and very responsive.”


Reduced cost and saved a lot of time

PLT has been partnering with Softoo for more than two years and now Softoo is responsible for hiring and providing all off-shore staff to PLT.
With a dedicated team of developers on their side, PLT increased its staff within a short period of time and that too after saving a lot of money.

PLT had not to go through the hassle of the time-consuming recruitment process, taxation and contracts. No recruitment headache and yet they got high-quality but cost-staff to work for them. PLT has not to worry about peak hours or production issues as their off-shore developers are available in different zones.

“We are working with Softoo’s resources for more than two years. This says a lot about our satisfaction level with Softoo.”

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Fast Track Project Initiation

Feel a little need for speed when it comes to a particular IT-related project that you have pending? Softoo fast track project initiation process assures quality at fast pace.

Research-Oriented Project Delivery

We understand the contemporary IT market like the palm of our hand. Our work exudes deep understanding of the client’s requirements and the trends in the target market.

Timely & Quality Delivery

Our quality assurance team at Softoo makes sure that not only you get your projects delivered in a timely fashion, but there are no compromises on quality too.

SCRUM Based Development

We are deep-rooted in the best industry practices that made Softoo into an agility based work environment. At Softoo we adhere to SCRUM based development framework.

Post-Delivery Support Services

Unlike other resource augmentation companies, we firmly believe in post-delivery connection and support. Our practical and value-added support see to seamless functioning of the solutions that you enjoy via Fixed Term Engagement model.

Maximized Value for Money

For the Fixed Term Engagement model, our guarantee is that you’d enjoy maximum value for your money. We know our market and our pricing is based on our deep understanding of the market.

When it comes to IT resource augmentation no company can be better than a company that heavily relies on technology!


Multi-phase Screening

Hands-on Testing & Supervising

Contract-based resource management

subject to law of the land

We use wide array of technological tools

and software to complete your projects

Diversification of IT resources and technologies

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