Diversification In Technology Defines Softoo

You would not see another resource augmentation agency with such a diversified pool of resources and technologies.

What Makes Softoo Better Than Other Resource Augmentation Agencies?

At Softoo, diversification is our mantra. And this does not only mean that we are on the constant look out for diverse resources, but most importantly, that we crave for diversification of the technologies that we use to please our clients. This is the reason why our vast resource pool has resources with specialization in a particular type of tools and technologies needed for a particular type of job.

Which Technologies We Use At Softoo?

Just like a painter has all sorts of colors on their palette, we have all sorts of technologies and relevant resources available for our clients. When it comes to resources, we have backend and front-end developers, UI/UX designers, mobile native, mobile CrossPlatform experts, CMS and eCommerce setup experts, manual and automated testing experts, MS Dynamics, CRM experts, ERP and NAV experts, data analysis experts, content management and marketing experts and project management experts. These experts have a wide array of technologies to play with

Development and Coding

Our experts who are in charge of web/solution development and coding are fluent in APIs, MySQL, MVC/Laravel, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Node.JS, AngularJS, JQuery, HTML 5 and CSS3 etc.

Mobile Solutions Development

Our mobile apps and solutions developers know very well the prevalent mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Hybrid OS.

CMS/eCommerce Expertise

We provide full stack CMS and eCommerce platform development solutions. Our experts have extensive knowledge of platforms like Magento, Drupal, Shopify, OpenCart and PrestaShop etc.

UI/UX Design Finesse

Since Softoo encapsulates all verticals of IT-related skillsets, we have UI/UX design experts available for our clients. They have deep understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, Design Thinking Workshop Kit and InVisionApp etc.

Project Management Expertise

At Softoo we make the most out of the technological tools and software that make things easier for big corporations. Our experts use tools like Trello, TFS, JIRA and MS Project etc. on daily basis.


We provide professional training through our global partners and top of the line trainers to business. We offer training in Cloud, Project Management, HR, Finance, Agile and advance software development.

When it comes to IT resource augmentation no company can be better than a company that heavily relies on technology!


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We use wide array of technological tools

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Diversification of IT resources and technologies

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